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What Vedic Astrology is all about
Posted on | Oct 01, 2014

What Vedic Astrology is all about?
Vedic astrology is science, which gives scientific results based on placement of the nine planets in any of the twelve houses or bhava’s in a horoscope. In good old days Rishi Munni’s had divya gyan and complete knowledge of the placement of all the planets through which they could predict and tell everything about the past, present & future of an individual.

When a person is born at a particular day, time and place, he is born with his past, present & future. Everybody wants to know about his or her past, present & what his future will be. Even the Demigods were keen to know the same and when they approached Lord Brahma, Brahmaji replied that Demigods could know about their past, present & future through Brahma and the manushya in this universe will know the same through astrology. Our horoscope is our complete Bio Data in reality.

God gave us a human form or Shareer, but God said now a person in this human form cannot live alone he needs a family to give him company, so God gave him a family. Now God said that this person needs money/dhan in order to sustain himself He gave him money/dhan. Now in order to grow he needs bothers/sisters/friends/contacts/relatives, so God gave him younger siblings, friends, relatives, contacts.

Now with family, money, siblings, and friend’s man needs some place where he can live, he needs some luxuries of life, so God gave him house & luxuries. In good old days a bullock cart was a luxury & now in present days it a two or four wheeler. Now when he has a house to live he needs intelligence and children for the family to grow. God gave him intelligence and capability to have children.

Now when God gave us human form, money, family, siblings, luxuries, intelligence, children God also wanted to ensure that if person has all the comforts of life there will be no difference between hell and heaven so God gave him sufferings in the form of disease and enemies. Now if a person has sufferings he needs someone to look after him and he will also have some kind of lust to enjoy the senses so he gave him a spouse to look after and support and satisfy our lust.  God also gave us a certain life span or longevity.

Now after getting all these things God gave us our destiny in the form of fortune or bhagya and also gave us spiritual consciousness to remember God. Then God said that manushya has to do some kind of karma or activity to sustain oneself and the family, He gave us various ways of executing our karma by engaging ourselves in working or doing business and that is how we earn money by selecting the profession as either working for someonelse(service) or doing our own profession. God also gave gave us some losses to be borne by us as whatever we do is not 100% beneficial some part of it always goes as waste which is our loss.

In astrology we have twelve houses or bhava’s. From the first house we see ourselves, from 2nd house we see our family and money/dhan, and from 3rd house we see our siblings, friends, relatives, contacts. From the 4th house we see our luxuries, from 5th house we see our intelligence and our children, from 6th house we see our enemies and our disease state, from 7th house our sexual relationships and our spouse, from 8th house we see our longevity.

Our 9th house shows how fortunate we are and our devotional service, from 10th house what kind of karma we will execute, from 11th house how will we earn money by business or working and our 12th house says what will be our losses and up to what extent.

There are seven planets and two shadow planets or nodes. Sun or Surya is the king of all the planets who is also our father, Moon or Chandra is the queen of all the planets who is also our mother. Mars or Mangal is our defense minister or our physical strength, our younger siblings and our friends. Mercury or Budh is the Prince of the king and queen and is also our intelligence. Jupiter or Brihaspati is the teacher or Guru will show us our direction, give us knowledge or gyan and also show our prosperity.  Venus or Shukra is our greed, lust our sexual relationships, spouse and Saturn or Sani is the servant who will do all the work. Rahu & Ketu are the shadow planets who disguise themselves in the form in which house they sit or with whichever planet & house they sit.

Sun being king planet will do his task in 6 yrs,  Moon in 10 yrs, Mars in 7 yrs, Mercury in 17 yrs, Jupiter in 16 yrs, Venus in 20 yrs, Saturn in 19 yrs, Rahu in 18yrs & Ketu in 7 yrs. These are our maha dasha’s.

This is what Vedic astrology is all about. Our horoscope tells us what are our good times of life, our bad times of our life and our sufferings.

Haresh Nathani
Cell +91 9867214103/+91 22 653 14103
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Mumbai (India)
The author of this article is a professional Vedic Astrologer.

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