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How will Samvat Year 2074 and Saturns transit on October 26, 2017 affect share market
Posted on | Oct 22, 2017

How will Samvat Year 2074 and Saturns transit on October 26, 2017 affect share market. 

Samvat year 2074 will see two years effect, remaining part of 2017 and three quarters of 2018. Year 2017 is ruled by Sun and Year 2018 ruled by Moon. Three important transits have happened in 2017. Rahu transit on September 09, Jupiter transit on September 12 and Saturn transit on October 26. Rahu-Ketu transit to Cancer-Capricorn will stay for 18 months. Jupiter transit to Libra will stay for 13 months and Saturns transit to Sagittarius for 30 months

SY 2074 is the year of Rahu (2+0+7+4=13=4). It has combination of Moon, Ketu and Rahu. There is also a zero. All these when added up gives us number four which is Rahus number. Rahu is currently placed in Cancer sign. Rahu moves in the reverse direction. Cancer sign is water borne (Jal Tattva) and is also moveable sign (chal rashi). Rahu aspects Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces. Whenever any planet comes in any of the three aspected signs it will add bullish factor to the sector of the related sign.

For e.g. whenever Moon comes to Scorpio, Capricorn or Pisces; Moon related sectors like

  • Banking
  • FMCG
  • Pharma
  • Food products
  • Alcohol and beverages
  • Silver (as silver is supported by Moon and Rahu is in Moons sign)
  • Crude, oil, gas (Gas is due to Jupiter in airborne sign and Rahu is also vayu Tattva)
  • Logistics (water logistics is the key)
  • Chemicals and Fertilisers

will get bullish support. Any product which has liquid factor. Like beverages is a liquid based product, so are fruit juices, aerated soft drinks, alcohol, pharma which have liquid based products, chemicals are normally mixed with liquid, etc. Sun, Mercury, Mars and Venus are the four other planets which will come under Rahus aspect as time progresses

Banking is the key for Dalal Street as numerology support for banking is Moon.

Rahu also favours

  • Exports
  • Foreign currency
  • Foreign trade
  • Meat
  • Casinos
  • Share market (brokerage houses)
  • Any speculative sector like sports betting.

Rahu is news oriented and strongly reacts to news, views, gossip, rumours, domestic as well as global, depending on the nature of the news. Geopolitical disturbances are going on in the Asian region which can give big bullish or bearish spikes, depending on the nature of the news. Rahu is also known to create mirage effects and trap investors on the wrong side of the trade. Rahu also supports wars, terrorism, fights, floods, natural calamities, nuclear wars, nuclear tests and explosions, hidden enemies.

Whenever Rahu is all by itself, without aspect from any planet and also no aspect on any planet, can create panic in capital (both Equity and Debt) market. But any planetary aspect on Rahu or Rahu aspecting any planet will make the connected sector segment bullish. Rahu can bring panic in market.

Exports boom will be beyond expectation as currency weakness will increase. Currently the controlling bank is maintaining control on currency fluctuations, but during panic situations controlling currency fluctuations will be a difficult task.

Pharma, alcohol, meat, casinos are the prominent sectors which will have constant sectorial support from Rahu. Other sectors, as stated above, will move in accordance to Rahus aspect on related sector.  

Rahu is also known to create and/or disclose hidden scams. In 2007-08, it was Rahu with support from Saturn spilled the hidden scams in US and we saw a global crash in equity market. Saturn in Sagittarius (Fireborne agni tattva) sign making loss angle with Rahu-Ketu and Jupiter in Libra (airborne Vayu tattva) sign can spill any hidden scams. As all three planets (Saturn-Jupiter-Rahu) which have some vayu tattva element can open hidden global scams or create some geopolitical fears disturbances.

Both Rahu and Saturn can bring in new unknown diseases. Rahu can bring new water borne diseases, Saturn can bring fire borne new diseases. In certain severely affected countries can create plague. India is still struggling to contain its water resources and a movement is picking up to join rivers to solve the water resource problems. This can lead to some unknown water related plague which when used in agriculture can create plague as contaminated water when used in farm agriculture produce can create unknown disease on consumption of contaminated agriculture food produce.

Rahu is also known to bring in floods and/or dry-up water resources. This effect can be seen in many countries including India. Rahu may also force people to change professional related locations. East may transit to west and west may transit to east.

Rahu being vayu tattva can give solutions to global warming.  

Saturn transit to Sagittarius on October 26, 2017 is in an enemy sign. By default, Sagittarius is sign of

  • religion and religious practices
  • logistics
  • political power and will
  • fortunes
  • domestic travel

Saturn will bring changes in all these related segments. Religious revolutions related to religious practices, change in political will and power (we may see change or loss/increase of political power from one party to another party whether at state levels or at National level). Same will also apply to global economies. Ruling political powers in domestic and global economies may not be able to complete their term at state levels.

Logistics movement will change especially related to fuel. We may see crude being replaced by natural energy resources like solar or wind energy. We may also see increased logistics related to population related to human resources. Migration from one state to another and one city to another, one country to another will increase.

Saturn believes in accountability. Saturn keeps a tab on karmas whether it is individual or a group. A group can be association of people like SMEs, corporates, government organisations, ruling government and opposition political parties, joint families. When any finger is pointed to any individual or a group, three fingers also get pointed to the self. Those three fingers pointing to the self are the one which lead to accountability. This is where Saturn accountability gets prominent.

Rahu and Saturn both bring accidents, wars and terrorism and natural calamities. This will increase whether it is related to fire, air, earth or water. Air crashes and/or air wars may increase, we may see incidents related to hijacks. Natural calamities in the form of earthquakes, floods, unseasonal rains, destruction due to land wars and terrorism is likely to increase.

Overall both Rahu and Saturn can bring a change in capital markets in our country and also globally. Decreasing popularity of ruling government is likely to increase in India and also global economies. Share Market is likely to see weakness which can be related to natural calamities, unforeseen geopolitical fears and disturbances, change in political powers, decrease in political popularity of governments, weak growth, weak currency. Weak global fears are likely to increase which may lead to some panic situations.  

This article/writeup is an creation of Astro Guru Harry, Haresh Nathani. Any misuse or posting in any website or any social media platforms without my name and permission is likely to attract legal action.     


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