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Newsletter November 2016
Posted on | Oct 23, 2016

November 2016 NEWSLETTER:

  • The year 2016 is ruled by Mars and Mars is currently exalted. Mars moves in Navamsa from Capricorn to Cancer. What kind of support can be expected from exalted Mars?
  • November month is ruled by Moon with support from Mercury, Venus, Rahu and Ketu. There is no support from main planets Sun, Jupiter, Saturn. Do we see a bullish, bearish, sideways market?
  • In November, Mercury transits to Scorpio on November 09, Venus transits to Sagittarius on November 07. Sun comes out of  debilitation and transits to Scorpio on November 16. How will these transits affect the stock markets?  
  • Rahu and Ketu change their Navamsa sign on November 03. On November 21 Rahu-Ketu change to Surya Hora. How will this placement support share markets and which sector, segments?
  • Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu and Sun are in a loss making angle. What can be expected from markets with this kind of placements?
  • Jupiter is placed in Virgo. Jupiter has no role to play in November. On November 04, Navamsa Jupiter gets weak but also gets exalted on November 16. How will this transit move share markets in November?
  • Saturn has no role to play in November but gets Navamsa support. Will Saturn continue the broader market support?
  • We have Sun-Saturn conjunction, Venus gets into Paap-Kartari yog and Moon is in Kemadruma yog most of the second half. How will this conjunction and yogs support markets?
  • We are in the Q2FY17 result season. Markets are now buy on rumours and sell on news. Will result season maintain the bull rise or markets get into bearish mode?
  • Geo-political situations look tense. Do we see continuation of this situation in November?  
  • October Nifty has given a range of  mere 300+ points? Do we continue to see the narrow range in November 2016? What market range can be expected in November 2016
  • Bank Nifty has given a range of 1000 points in October 2016. What range can be expected from Bank Nifty in November 2016?
  • In November following areas need to be monitored
    • Does the post Diwali continue the rally of fire-works for Bulls or bears?
    • Global cues related to economic growth and development. Astro indicators do indicate global currency fluctuation but crude factor leads the uncertainty.
    • Indian Rupee likely to get weaker to dollar. Do we see a natural depreciation of currency due to global developments?
    • India growth story gets a stronger view.
    • Strong Venus may favour commodities like Gold, Silver and crude may get good preference to equity in October. Will debilated Sun increase or decrease the bullion and crude prices?
    • A geo-political war like situation is a likely development along with increased global terrorism! Global eyes will keep a close watch on its development
    • FIIs gradual withdrawal from emerging markets is a likely development.
    • US Presidential polls take place on November 08 with results on November 10. We also have FOMC meet before the Presidential polls. How will markets move for these major events?
  • Markets are wayward. Most of the days markets either open gap up or gap down. My newsletter gives an indication how markets open on daily basis. How best to use the newsletter for gap up or gap down predictions will benefit for day traders and BTST/STBT
  • Which sectors and market segments get benefited in November 2016?
  • We give every day predictions in advance how markets will move intraday. We also give BTST and STBT in the newsletter.

All these questions get answered in November 2016 newsletter. Subscribe now and stay informed in advance on money making opportunities in a trending market situations.

  • November newsletter is priced at INR 2000.00.

Kindly deposit the amount in the bank details given as under. For online transfer kindly provide the transferors name

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A/c Name R H Enterprises
Current A/c No 074005500354
ICICI Bank, Sion Branch
MICR 400229103
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