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Astrological Reasons for Seperation and/or divorce in Marriage
Posted on | Oct 04, 2014

We all know about marriage’s taking place and then failing. Unsuccessful marriage leads to conflicts, controversy & misunderstanding, separation and then divorce. According to Hindu mythology divorce is a very delicate and sensitive issue. In majority of the marriage’s that take place, normally horoscopes of the boy and girl are matched and then marriages are solemnized. Despite the horoscopes being matched than too divorce takes place. There are various reasons for divorce and some of the major and sensitive reasons have been listed below.
•    No sexual or poor or little or unsatisfactory sexual relationship after marriage.
•    Unable to have children after marriage (impotency or wife does not have Uterus by birth) or unable to have son after marriage.
•    More spouse yog in some select natives.
•    One of the spouses being a manglic(Kuja Dosha) married to a non manglic spouse.
•    Any spouse continuing their premarital love relationship after marriage or extra marital relationships.
•    Any of the spouses living in foreign land finds a new love relationship in foreign land and then forgets the first marriage.
•    Any of the spouses has arrogant speech or indulge in physical assault.
•    Daridra/poverty yog after marriage.
•    Any one of the spouse consistently falling sick after marriage.
•    Husband discovers after marriage that his wedded wife is either a Lesbian or has multiple partner sexual relationship
•    Wife after marriage discovers that her wedded husband is a Gay or has sexual relationships with multiple partners
•    After marriage either of the spouse or both are so busy in their professional lives that they do not have time for each other
•    After marriage both husband & wife live separately due to professional commitments and are unable to live together for a long period of time.

Out the nine planets five of them are malefic and/or seperative planets.
•    Sun/Surya
•    Mars/Mangal
•    Saturn/Sani
•    Rahu & Ketu(Nodes) are the seprative planets.

Gives divorce when either it is placed in lagna/ascendent or seventh house. Now here an important point to be noted which many astrologers tend to ignore is that when Surya is in shatru/enemy rashi/sign than only it gives divorce else it only creates a conflict and verbal words may be spoken about divorce. But divorce in such cases is rare. If still divorce happens, it may be due to effect of other malefic planet in natal/transit chart

Are seperative planets and in majority cases it gives divorce. Ketu works like Mangal. But it does not give divorce if it is associated with its own rashi/sign. It only creates arguments and heated debate. Consistent controversies always happen after marriages and during its dasha/antar dasha it gives divorce.  Fight & quarrels, physical assaults are more prominent & frequent in manglic/kuja dosha natives. Even romantic talks at times results in a quarrel. If Mars/Mangal/Kuja is placed in any natal chart in the lagna/Ascendant or first house, fourth house, seventh house, eight house and twelfth house. Mars in eight house gives separation due to divorce or is fatal to the spouse of the native. Eight house Mars is always dangerous for the spouse life span if the spouse is non-manglic.

Are the most dangerous planets for divorces? When Sani or Rahu or both have any association with the 7th house it always gives divorce, except in those cases when it is in association with its own rashi/sign. Sani maha dasha lasts for 19 years & Rahu maha dasha lasts for 18 years and during its maha dasha/antar dasha, in transit if it gets associated with the 7th house may also give divorce. During this period frequency of conflicts, quarrels, controversies, misunderstanding, arguments are very high. Even relationship at times gets to physical assault by either of the spouses.

Impotency & unable to bear son are common reasons for separation. This is more prominent in small towns/cities or where the rural population is high.

More wives are more prominent in those cases where the spouse lives in a separate country to earn one’s living.

Pre-marital relationship and post marital relationships, physical assault are very common and happen anywhere & everywhere.

Daridra(Poverty) yog & consistently falling sick is common in those cases where the horoscopes are not matched properly. Only importance is given on the number of Points/gunas matched whereas there is no consideration for points/gunas which are not matching.

Other uncommon reasons for divorce are
•    After marriage any one of the spouses has sexual relationship with another partner within the family
•    Sexual relationship after marriage between mother in law & son in law or daughter in law & father in law
•    Husband discovers after marriage that his wedded wife was a prostitute or wife discovers after marriage that husband too was a male prostitute
•    Husband and husbands family demands more financial or material gifts from the wife’s family in the form of Dowry

But despite of the above possibilities, divorces still do not happen because of aspect of or conjunction of any of the benefic planets. Jupiter, Moon, Mercury & Venus are the benefic planets. Divorces happen only when the dasha or antar dasha of those particular divorce giving planets comes.

Those spouses who are firm believers of marriage and karmas of marital life or are staunch followers of their religion & customs never heed to divorce but continue their life by accepting the marital relationship as God’s gift or the effect of past life karmas/deeds. These natives are very blissful and are always in the good books of God.

This article is authored by Haresh (Harry) Nathani
Unauthorized circulation or publication of this article will lead to legal hazards
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